Our Mission

It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce the Scandinavian Club Nordlyset’ s 125th anniversary on the 9th of May, 2016. Probably the oldest Scandinavian/Danish club in the world. The Scandinavian Club Nordlyset was founded by four Danish pioneers who wanted to ensure that all Danes living in Brazil could be buried properly. Ever since then, the association became a rowing club and a social club, and for over 50 years its main activity has been the Scandinavian Fair, at Clube Pinheiros.

“Salvar as Crianças” has donated millions and millions of reais to thousands of children in the city and state of São Paulo and has helped yearly 8000 children in 24 institutions to buy food, clothes and school books, making sure they can study and sleep in secure places.

This has been a fantastic experience to the whole Scandinavian community.

The Scandinavian Fair takes place during three days in November and is visited by over 15000 people at Clube Pinheiros. It is the most traditional fair in São Paulo, very respected for its seriousness and success, with all its items sold out and revenues totaling over R$ 3 millions. Around one thousand Scandinavian and Brazilian volunteers support the Scandinavian Fair, every year donating their free time to help the Scandinavian countries.

As a Scandinavian, I think we can say we are very proud to give something back to our new country Brazil and help many needy children in our city São Paulo.

The Scandinavian Fair is fully supported by Nordic ambassadors, consuls general and business leaders, as well as by the entire Nordic community. It is biggest Scandinavian event in the world and much appreciated by the Brazilian public due to its high quality products, efficiency, professionalism and reasonable prices.

We are very proud of the Scandinavian Fair, whose next edition will be held at Clube Pinheiros on the 8th and 9th of November, 2016.


Long live the Scandinavian Club and the Scandinavian Fair!!!


Jens Olesen
President of the Scandinavian Club Nordlyset